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The Anchor of Hope
Orphan and Family Foudation


Anchor of Hope Orphanage

Moldova is in a desperate situation. According to a Moldova census, there are 11,500 children in this country who don’t have parents. We work with three state-run orphanages serving a total of 1,000 orphans.   We supply these children with basic necessities such as food, clothing, and educational needs. Our main thrust is to win them to the Lord Jesus Christ.

The number of orphans in state-run institutions is dropping each year.  The country of Moldova is trying to join the European Union.  To do this, the country is not permitted to have orphanages.  The state is forcing the orphanage to get rid of the children to anyone they can find that will take them.  This is a tragedy for the children because they are being farmed out to terrible conditions with drunken families that will not care for them properly.


Our Newsletter


October-December 2011

Greetings in the Name of the Lamb of God which taketh away the sins of the world!

John 15:7-8,” If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you. Herein Is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples.’”

The Hannah House

Girls at Hannah House

This month we would like to present to you a brand new opportunity of outreach for Anchor of Hope – The Hannah House. The Hannah House will be a home where orphaned girls can come live and continue their education after they have become too old to stay at the orphanage. It is a ministry that is very near and dear to our hearts, and we are hoping to see it come to fruition in the not too distant future. “Hannah” means “grace of God.” Grace means “favor; good will; kindness.” God extended His favor and kindness to us when He offered us the free gift of salvation.

The Bible tells us in Ephesians 2:8,9, “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.” It is our desire to pass along not only this message of grace, but to offer grace (i.e., favor, good will, kindness) in a tangible way. We want The Hannah House to offer good will and kindness to these young orphan girls, who at the vulnerable age of sixteen are sent out of the orphanage to fend for themselves.

The Hannah House will be a place of love, security, and acceptance for these abandoned girls. At this time, there is only one place that we know of for these girls to go - a Pentecostal girl’s home in a village not too far from Chisinau. However, we would like to have the ability to house and care for these young ladies and train them up in the way that they should go. We want to provide a safe, loving atmosphere for that offers hope and training to these special girls, and it is exciting to see how God is already working to make this come true.

First, in September, we welcomed a visit from Joann Hughes. She heard of our ministry here in Moldova through Bro. John O’Malley and became burdened for the people of Moldova. During her visit here, Joann felt the call of God to work with these orphaned teenage girls and is currently raising funds to come work here on a permanent basis.

Secondly, God has opened the door for us to rent a home not far from the church building, which would be a perfect location for The Hannah House! The girls leave the orphanage with very little, and they will need many things to get started in school and to start their new life here in the city. Please pray and consider how you might be able to become involved with and take part in this wonderful ministry.

The Bible tells us in Psalm 127:1, “Except the LORD build the house, they labor in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.” We know that for The Hannah House to become a reality, we need the grace and help of God. We desire to be a “watchman” over these girls and look forward to seeing how God is going to bring this new ministry to fruition.

“Suffer the little children to come unto me...”Mark 10:14

Girls at Hannah House

Girls at Hannah House


    Bread for Streuseni Orphanage

    Anchor of Hope Foundation works very closely with the orphanage in Streuseni village. It is from this orphanage that our four orphan boys come. This summer a donor from France donated an industrial mixer, a large industrial oven with which to bake bread and pastries, a deep sink for washing dishes, and large storage shelves for the trays of raising bread. As you can imagine, feeding the orphans requires a tremendous amount of bread, and it is far more cost effective to be able to bake the bread onsite. With the on-site baking of bread, however, comes a demand for an incredible amount of flour. The director of the orphanage asked if Anchor of Hope would be able to assist them, and we are currently supplying them with 400 kilograms of flour (880 pounds!) at $220 per month.


    Bags of Flour


    Loaves of Bread

    Loaves of Bread



    Paul Hamilton

    "Everything We Have Came from God”

    I Cor. 4:7, ”For who maketh thee to differ from another? And what hast thou that thou
    didst not receive? Now if thou didst receive it, why dost thou glory, as if thou hadst not received it?” I’m always reminded of the goodness of God. The Lord has blessed us
    so much with the privilege of caring for the fatherless and needy souls here in Moldova.

    A special thank you to all who pray and give to the Anchor of Hope projects. Sometimes with life, we take for granted the things the Lord has done. The Lord reminded me through this story of an orphan boy of the incredible love the Father in Heaven has for His children. Peter the Great of Russia, founder of the Romanoff Dynasty, told this story about a king:

    In the middle evil days, the king went out among his subjects and saw from his royal chariot
    a little rag-a-muffin boy dressed in dirty filthy rags. The boy was an orphan. The king sat for a while and watched this little orphan boy scavenge around for some food. He looked at him and could see he didn’t have a home. The boy would often sleep wherever he could find a little corner that offered some shelter from the weather. The king took this little orphan boy dressed in his rags and brought him up into his royal chariot. He adopted him into the king’s family and took the boy back to his palace. This little orphan boy, who had nothing and worse than nothing, was now living in the palace of the king. He who had been dressed in dirty filthy rags was now dressed in royal finery. He, who had to scavenge through the trash to find a morsel of food, now put his feet under the king’s table and ate from the delicacies of the king’s kitchen.

    The king assigned a servant to attend to the young prince. Every morning, this servant’s duty was to go into the prince’s bedroom and lay out his royal garments for the day and then wake the prince up from his sleep. However, the servant began to notice that every morning when he went in to lay out the royal garments and awaken the prince, the prince would ask him to step outside and close the door for a moment. The servant did this every morning, but noticed that every time the prince came out, dressed in his royal garments, that he was always rubbing his eyes from the tears that had been streaming down his face.

    One morning, the servant just couldn’t resist. He pulled the door closed, but left it open just a little crack so he could look in and see what the prince was doing. He watched how the prince went over to a closet and reached back into that darkened closet and pulled out the dirty rags that he was wearing the day the king had found him on the street. He watched as the prince put on those dirty, filthy rags and stood in front of the mirror, looking at himself. Then, with tears streaming down his cheek, he took off those dirty rags and put them back in the closet. He then dressed in his royal garments and came out rubbing his eyes. The servant said,

    “Prince, I hope you are not angry with me, but I couldn’t resist. I looked in and saw what you did. I would just like to ask you what in the world you are doing keeping those dirty, filthy rags and putting them on and looking at yourself in the mirror? What are you doing?” The prince answered, “Servant, while I am adopted into the King’s family, while I sit at the King’s table, while I live in the King’s palace - I don’t want to ever forget what the King did for me!”

    Orphan Boy

    How much do you owe the Lord? May God richly bless you with fruit to your account.

    Thank you.

    Able to dream again....

    by Rodica Cerbov

    Mihai is a twelve year old boy, who sadly has had to bear too many difficulties for a
    child. We only discovered the truth about his story this month. When Mihai was born, his family was in a bad financial situation, so his father went to Moscow to work. Mihai and his brother (who is two years older than him) remained with their mother in the village. After a couple of years, Mihai’s mother decided to go to work abroad instead of his father. She went to Italy, and her husband came back home to stay with the children. The father, however, realized that taking care of the children was very challenging. He was not prepared for this and did not know how to behave correctly.

    In fact, this man has a very complicated character and is very aggressive, and it has been very difficult for Mihai and his brother to communicate with their father. Sometimes, their father would just beat them terribly.

    One day the boys’ father brought another woman into their house, and he prohibited
    his sons to tell their mother anything about it, threatening to beat them if they said
    anything. Mihai and his brother were frightened to death by their father, so they
    did not share anything with their mother. This sad story started on December 30, 2009. Mihai’s father bought fish and asked his new “wife” to cook it the way he liked it. She then asked the boys how to do it, and Mihai told her that his dad would like the fish to be fried. When Mihai’s father came home, he got very angry that the woman did not do what he ordered her. He beat Mihai very hard as punishment. Twenty minutes later, Mihai ran away from home. He ran into the forest (which is close to their house), but soon became lost. For five days no one could find him.

    On January 4th, a hunter, who was walking in the forest, saw him. At first he thought
    it was an animal and was ready to shoot. Thanks be to God that this did not happen! However, Mihai seemed to be frozen to death. The man brought Mihai to the hospital in their village, and soon Mihai was transferred to the Children’s Hospital in Chisinau where I met him on January 7th, 2010. He was in the rehabilitation unit, lying in his bed, very weak and completely silent. He did not answer any questions and seemed to ignore people. The doctors considered him insane and mentally ill. The main problem was, however, in his legs, which were frozen.

    Unfortunately, Mihai’s legs were in bad condition and the doctors amputated both of his legs.


    In May 2010, I was visiting with Mihai in the village. I found that when Mihai started
    to use his prosthesis, a problem occurred. His legs were not equally amputated; therefore, it was very hard and painful for him to walk. We started to look for a way to solve his problem. We discussed with his mother the possibility of having a new surgery in Italy, but she found out that this surgery would cost about 50,000 Euro there, which was too much for their family. I had been praying for the Lord to allow us to have the surgery done in Moldova, and His answer was very quick. With the help of God, I found a doctor in Moldova who would perform a new amputation for Mihai.

    Mihai was hospitalized on May 26th, 2011. The doctors performed a successful
    amputation, and I was happy to see the radical change in Mihai during his stay. He
    started to smile and talk to other people. As I started talking to Mihai about his life,
    interests, and hobbies, he shared that he liked to play soccer and sometimes basketball. Mihai also opened his soul and told his mother and me the truth about his story. His mother was surprised to learn that his older brother also used to leave home very often because of their father. Even though she was communicating with her sons almost everyday through Skype, she had never imagined that they faced so many problems.

    While Mihai was recovering from the surgery, I visited him every day. I could notice
    the changes in his behavior, and I realized how wrong the doctors were when they said Mihai was mentally ill. After getting to know Mihai better over the past few months, he told me that he kept silent in the hospital because his father scared him, warning that he would kill him and his brother if he told anything to anybody about what really happened. In fact, Mihai is a very communicative and positive person. We talked a lot. We played and laughed together…then Mihai shared with me all that really happened between him and his father the night he ran away from home. That is how I learned the truth about his sad story. I also gave him a Bible for children and was really surprised to see he had read it all by the next day. I was glad to see him so interested in the Bible, and most exciting of all, Mihai received Jesus in his heart.


    I knew how important it was to be there to encourage Mihai. So, Julie and I, the director of the children ministry of GOJM, decided to surprise Mihai on the day he was to leave the hospital. We put on clown`s clothing and came to Mihai. We helped him to put on a clown suit too and went downtown.

    Everyone in Clown Suits

    He left the hospital on June 16th, after only three weeks, and I think this day will always remain in his memory. I do not have words to express how happy this boy was! I am glad Mihai opened his heart to Christ and invited Him into his life. He is now able to dream again – he said he wants to become a prosthetic doctor when he grows up. Now, Mihai is in his home
    village with his dad and his brother. His father is kind to him. He is learning how to live his new life, and we are also having a Bible study together.

    In September, Mihai was in Italy, where he got his new prostheses. He is now home and very
    happy, because now he can go to school. Please continue to pray for Mihai.

    (Editor’s Note: Anchor of Hope Foundation gave $1000 towards the purchase of Mihai’s prostheses. Thank you so much to all of you who give to help these needy families!)



    Their's is a story of hope

    In a recent interview with the four boys whom you met previously, Gheorghe, Radu, Tudor, and Iochim shared personal testimony of where they are now in their lives. The recurring themes - Jesus Christ, family, and love.

    Gheorghe, age 17

    How has your life changed?

    Before I moved in with this family, I had no goals, no plans. Things I never counted important are important to me now.

    What is important to you?

    That I am saved and know I am going to Heaven.

    How did you learn about Jesus Christ?

    From Bro. Paul coming to the orphanage, I became interested because we would play basketball. I got saved in 9th grade.

    What would your life be like if you hadn’t met the Hamiltons and gotten saved?

    It would have been a wreck, a catastrophe. I may not have lived this long. I am very happy I met this family.

    Radu, age 15

    How did you grow up?

    My mom was always drunk. She left me at the orphanage when I was two. I lived there thirteen years.

    How did you meet the Hamiltons?

    At the orphanage a long time ago. I got saved when I was at the orphanage.

    What would your life be like if you hadn’t met the Hamiltons?


    How has your life changed?

    It is a lot better.

    Are the Hamiltons your family now?

    It’s a clear thing. Of course. That’s a silly question!

    Tudor, age 16

    How has your life changed?

    I feel happy, I feel like I have true friends with real faith. I know I have a God in Heaven who listens to my needs, who answers my prayers and takes care of me.

    Anchor of Hope Family

    Anchor of Hope Family - from left to right: Gheorghe, Tudor,
    Mrs. Susan Hamilton, Bro. Paul Hamilton, Radu and Iochim


    Boys story of hope

    I’m happy to be here with this family. They can provide a future for me which my parents couldn’t. They just left me and went abroad to work. I found my dream - my goal is to become a pastor and help orphans like me to come to know Jesus Christ. (Editor’s note: In the last newsletter, Tudor’s goal was to be a policeman. This summer, the Lord put the desire in his heart to be a pastor instead.)

    What is the greatest need of the orphans in Moldova?

    Everyone needs somebody to encourage them, give them advice, just to be there for them.

    Who does that for you?

    Pastor and......Mom* (big smile). I’m very thankful for my pastor and mom. They’ve sacrificed a lot for us to live in these good conditions and have taken care of us. I’m very thankful for that. (*The boys refer to Susan as ‘Mom.’)

    Iochim, age 19

    How did you grow up?

    I was at the orphanage school since the age of eight. My parents both died and my older brothers couldn’t take care of me.

    How did you meet Pastor Paul?

    He came and had lessons with us at the orphanage from 2nd - 4th grade. Sometimes they took us on road trips. Many times they came with gifts for all the children. When I was in 9th grade, Pastor Paul invited me to come stay with them. I have lived here one year.

    How did you get saved?

    Coming to church here, I listened carefully and decided, “It cannot go like this anymore.” I found out the truth about Jesus Christ. I found out what he had done for me and accepted Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Saviour.

    What are your goals now?

    First of all to serve God, second to graduate college, and to have a good profession in construction, and to have a family. That is all.

    What is the greatest need of the orphans?

    Someone to offer them a parent’s love. Someone to give them a chance to become something in life. Love given to them by someone. Who is that in your life? Jesus Christ. I am thankful to the Lord that He got me to this place and that He saved my life and changed me.