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Bible Believers
Independent Baptist Institute


In 1998 the Bible Believers Independent Baptist Institute was started in an upper room of a print shop. We started with nine men training on Saturdays for services on Sundays.

The Bible Institute is a four- year program with the sole purpose of teaching the student how to rightly divide the Word of God.  They are also taught how to lead a church, how to pray, and how to practically apply the Bible to their lives.

We currently have fourteen graduates of the school, of which seven are now Pastors.  In 2006 the school was opened to women for the purpose of training them to be Sunday school teachers, and to be Godly wives.

The Institute is currently meeting in a village an hour away from our city in an attempt to help train the men in that region for Christian service.  It is far easier for the professors to travel to that village than to transport all the men into the city for training.