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Our Newsletter

  April/May 2013


Dear Bible Believing Pastors, Families and friends;

We greet you in the Name of the Lamb of God which taketh away the sins of the world!

Hebrews 4:9-10,”There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God.  For he that is entered into his rest, he also hath ceased from his own works, as God did from his.”   

We want to greet you in the name of the Lord, and hope all is well with you while you are serving and enjoying the Lord.  We appreciate your faithful prayers and support for the work that is going on here.

We continue to sow the seeds of the good Word of God (AV1611) here in Chisinau and throughout the villages.  We are laboring, trusting the Lord, resting in His promises, to do the supernatural works beyond what anyone could think of.  As we preach, we are asking you to labor in prayer specifically on our behalf.  Please pray that when culture clashes with God, the people will choose to follow God.


Souls Saved in Prednistrovia
For years Vanya and I have been traveling through the region of Prednistrovia preaching in three villages.  Praise the Lord for His mighty hand, and the grace of God working and doing unusual things in people’s lives.  While in the village of Crasnea, we have seen fruit that will be added to your account. The Lord just recently allowed us to see some people get saved.  We have been praying here, in our meetings, for God to save sinners and that the Lord would do great work in people’s lives.  Thank you for remembering us in prayer, we are living off your prayers.

In Crasnea God brought Valode into our service.


Valode is a town drunk and veteran of three wars,dressed in army fatigues and medals draped on his chest.  He is a 51 year-old man, but looks older because of the years of being in the war.  In the war in Afghasistan, he lost several of his fingers.  Being a very hard man, he explained that he had killed men in the war and that he had many bad memories of bloodshed.  After the preaching, in boldness he stood up and said, ”Would the God you speak of find it in His heart to forgive me because of what I did in the war?”I said,”If you trust Jesus Christ, He will save you right now!"  It was a blessing to watch this old soldier drop to his knees and trust Jesus Christ as Savior! Please pray for Valode and his wife Era Petrovana, that she would get saved.


In addition, God saved 9 children in the church there in the village of Crasnea.
Please pray for Timothy, Polina, Serousha, Radik, Youla, Dema, Roma, Vica, Aloushe. 

Children Saved

Their names are written down in glory!


In the Village of Miyak, we meet in the house of one of our Bible students Vanya and Svetlana.  It’s a blessing that God has worked through the Word of God.  Their apartment is on the 4th floor of the apartment building.  The neighbors bang on the ceiling listening to the singing and complain about the loud preaching, but again God is at work through prayer. 

Since the weather has been decent, the Lord has brought people outside.  As a result, there have been people sitting on the park benches below us on ground level listening intently to our singing and preaching. Many have asked Brother Vanya to do it outside, so they could sing too. So by the time you receive this prayer letter we will be holding on open air meetings between two apartment buildings.  Please pray for the village of Miyak, which means in the Russian language, Lighthouse. Please pray God's Lighthouse will shine forth and that people will get saved.


Prayer Requests:

  1. Purified Word Scripture Campaign - September 10-23 (The goal for two cities: Chisinau, Balti, 500,000 John and Romans.) Pray for the planning, printing, and that God would go before us. Don Stertz- Couriers for Christ.
  2. Vacation Bible School June 10-14. 
  3. Bible Institute
  4. Hannah House girls: Anna Marxer and now Joanne Hughes arriving June 7. Pray for us as we prepare for construction, and for God to pay off the building.
  5. Anchor Boys Home - construction of two rooms.
  6. Orphanages in Streseni - pray for children that have been saved to remember the Lord when they go to state camps this summer. Children saved: Olia, Alex, Genya, Mihaila, Christina, Kolia, Valentine, Anna, Snejana, Mihaila, and Nastia.
  7. Missionaries Costiya: Stratelat, Andrei, Gonchereauc.
  8. Tiraspol - National Bible campaign. 150,000 John and Romans. Anatoli Pavalich


 We appreciate all of you who pray and give for the Lord here in Moldova. May God richly bless you with souls for your labor.

In His Service,
Bro. Paul and Susan Hamilton
Psalm 69:13