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  Matthew 5:18










Purified Word Printing International


It all starts with a printing press



Getting the printed word of God into the hands of the people starts with the basics - a printing press. The photos shown below are of donated equipment being loaded onto a truck to begin the long trip to Moldova.


McCurdy Family



The photo on the left is of the Clayton McCurdy family.




They will be heading up the Purified Word Printing International in Moldova.

In 2006, God laid on our heart to pray for a print shop due to the critical need for tracts. In 2007 while Brother Hamilton was preaching at the Gateway Baptist Church in Eaton, Ohio, God impressed upon the hearts of Pastor Sellars and Pastor Sparks to give Brother Hamilton the printing equipment and paper supplies. This includes a 25 foot Web press, AB-Dick sheet fed press, Book Binder, and $5,000 worth of paper to get started.

Pastor Paul Debacco and his church are hard at work refurbishing the printing equipment. We believe - With men it is impossible, but not with God, for with God all things are possible.

The print shop will be set up in the basement of the new building


Making Progress

Praise the Lord! About the same time we were given this gift (printing press) from God, there was a church in our Capital city of Chisinau which were no longer using their Rizo graph and equipment.

Brother Gary Zimmerman, a brother in the Lord who donated the equipment to another church, felt that the church wasn't doing enough with the equipment. So, Brother Gary asked if there was another church which would use the equipment to print tracts to win lost people to Christ. The Pastor of the church said there was a church which has a public ministry that gives out gospel tracts. The pastor of the church gave Gary my name. While on furlough last year he called me to ask us if we could use the equipment. He wanted it to be used for the furtherance of the gospel. So the Lord gave us a double blessing in the same month.

It's amazing how the Lord answers prayer. Thank you for praying for us. The Bible Baptist church continues to plow the fields of harvest in the hope of winning more souls for Christ.