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Village Work


In January of 1997, we started the Christian Bible Baptist Church in a village called Slobozia in Prednistrovia.  A satellite church was started on the other side of the village, which is lead by Costiya Stratalat a graduate of our Bible Institute.  I travel to Slobozia hold Bible studies in that church each week.  It is a small village church with many opportunities for growth, especially the Sunday school classes.

On Wednesdays, I preach in four different village churches.  Our desire is to train the national leaders of the churches to continue on their own and reach their own people. The people in these villages are hard-working, but very poor people.  I am excited to see that they come with a hunger for the Word of God.  These people are poor in wealth, but rich in the Spirit. 

The families that come are concerned about the future of their children and are looking for the answers to train them up in God's Word.  Many ladies that come have unsaved husbands, and have a desire to win them for the Lord.  It is an opportunity for us to teach them how to win their husbands to Christ.  This bring incredible joy to my heart to see these hungry souls eager to know the truth.  I praise the Lord for this wonderful opportunity He gives me each week to preach the love of Christ to them.